Wednesday, 29 July 2009

"I surrender - Osama is that way"

On Monday, David Milliband MP, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, stated in a speech to members of NATO, that he wants to talk to "Moderate" members of the Taliban, to encourage stability in the War torn Afghanistan region.

Mr Milliband's statement comes just days after the fourth anniversary of the Second of the London Bombings on July 21st 2005, and one of the worst month's for British Forces since the start of the conflict. Does this sound right to you? Milliband wants to talk peace, while our Boys and Girls come home in Flag draped coffins?

Well that is what he said! Mr Milliband thinks that moderate members of the Taliban exist? Does he think that they are just going to walk up to the nearest person shooting at them and say - "I join you - Osama is that way"? I say - What the hell?

What the hell happened to "The United Kingdom does not negotiate does not negotiate with terrorists"? And that is, plainly and simply, what they are! These are the people that coldly took over 3000 British and American lives on September 11, 2001. These are the people that have been killing our brave young men and women for the last 8 years. These are the people that taught six of our own Citizens, to strike with Bombs at the very heart of our Capital. These people are not moderate Mr Milliband, they are killing our soldiers.

This is why the staff here at The Atlantic Hopper have nominated the Foreign Secretary for a coveted spot on "Jackass of the Week" on Common Sense with Jim Alger. Yes, that is right, Jackass of the Week, this was truly a Jackass thing for Mr Milliband to say.

Tune in to find out if David Milliband wins "Jackass of the Week". Common Sense with Jim Alger airs Friday at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific and 12am London.

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