Friday, 31 July 2009

Ask to see her Green Card Jim!

UPDATE: Jim decided to cancel Orly Taitz's appearance on Common Sense!

The head of the Birther movement Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. will be on Common Sense with Jim Alger later today.

When I learned of this via Mr Alger's Twitter Feed I asked him to ask her if she even had a brain. I took the time to Google Dr. Taitz and stumbled accross her Youtube channell. The premise of her entire claim is some obscure Hawaii law that allows for Hawaii residents to register their foreign born children with the Department of Health in Hawaii. She also claims that the Natuarl-Born Citizen law requires that BOTH parents be citizens of the United States.

My question is has she even READ Article 2 of the Constitution, because I have. If the child was born in the United States, there is no requirement for both parents to be considered natural born citizens.

I also read on her blog that a Grand Jury of 35 people, in Texas has indicted Obama on charges of fraud and treason, who gave the Grand Jury the authority to convene? As is required by LAW in ALL 50 STATES.

The founding fathers of the United States surely did not intend Article 2 of the Constitution to be used in such a manner. Surely they did not intend for it to be used in an attempt to usurp a legitamately elected President? To dominate National News, and to distract from the very important business of running the goddamn country.

Orly Taitz calls Obama a Usurper, but I propose this, that it is YOU Orly Taitz who is the Usurper, That it is YOU who is usurping the Supreme Court of the United States for your own twisted agenda.

Oh and don't forget this little snippet, Orly Taitz herself is NOT American, or at least she doesn't sound it - Ask to see her Green Card Jim!

You can listen to Common Sense with Jim Alger by clicking here

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