Monday, 19 April 2010

Apologies for Lack of Posts - Coming attractions

I, the sole writer for The Atlantic Hopper would like to apologise for the lack of blog posts on this website since last I posted.

Unfortunately due to the fact that I am unemployed due to circumstances beyond my control I have not been able to post as much as I would like.

The weekly radio show I co-host is off the air until September 2010 so I now decided to devote more time to this blog to keep my mind active during this time of what my political opponents would call "sponging off the state".

Next week I will be out on the Campaign trail with the Conservative party candidate for Boston and Skegness Mark Simmonds, I will be volunteering to deliver leaflets so I can experience campaigning first hand.

I will be following the campaign and keeping you all updated.

I will also try to report on as many White House Press Briefings as I can.

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  1. While I'm pondering what to put in this comment, my eye has wandered to a little black square just above your "blog archive." "Rush Radio 1200" Why would anyone in the Uk want to listen to Limbaugh or any other American commentator. I don't. I see also that Gotta Laff is a contributor. I'll look for hers next time I drop in. Like right after you customize your design. <3 and lemons.