Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tell Rush Limbaugh to STFU!

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Politicians threatening each other? Town Hall meetings erupting in Violence? TV talk show hosts calling the president a Nazi? Propoganda spreading like wild-fire? If I was talking about the events of the past week and then I said to you that all of these events happened in a particular country in 2009, where would YOU think they happened?

Unless the answer to that question is the United States of America, then you are probably going to be wrong. Republicans posted directions to Democrat town hall meetings, Democrats posted advice to supporters to make themselves heard over protesters, Rush Limbaugh said that Obama's health care logo looked like the symbol for Nazi germany, and others just came out right and said he was a Nazi.

The only person I saw talk sense on this issue was Rachel Maddow, there were probably others but this was the only video I found thanks to GottaLaff at the Political Carnival blog.

For your information Rush, the "ObamaCare" Logo as you call it, is an amalgamation of the international symbol for healthcare and the Obama08 campaign logo. Oh and if you do not realise the potential consequences of calling the President of the United States a Nazi, a socialist and god knows what else you are calling him, I think that you have no business being in the business you are in.

Cast your mind back to 1963, remember what it was like to be a nation in mourning? Remember what it was like to be a nation that had lost it's President? Because if these people are not careful, it will all happen again. Some lunatic will pick up a Gun and say well this guy said he was a Nazi.

A few months ago, someone said Dr George Tiller was a "Baby Killer", a few days later Dr Tiller was lying bleeding to death on the front steps of his Church in Whitchita, KS. The US has a terrible history with political assasinations with every single President since Kennedy facing an attempt on their life.

Please do not let this happen to your country again, please tell Rush and friends to shut the hell (not my first choice of words) Up!

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